Why Choose Motivation Buttons?

Assessment tools used for recruitment exist since the beginning of 20th century.Some of them are very well known and respected. However, but they have several serious shortcomings:

  1. They are universal. Whichever country you are, you get the same report. Yet the profile needed in Germany and the profile needed in Egypt cannot be the same.  Motivation Buttons® is specific to the country.
  2. They produce the same report for sales people, auditors or engineers.Yet the profile needed for each different function is different. Motivation Buttons® is specific to the function.
  3. They ignore the importance of company culture. You can be successful in one company and move to another one in the same sector and perform badly.Motivation Buttons® is specific to the company culture
  4. They don’t give a straight answer.They give psychological characteristics of the person but not if the person fits the position.Motivation Buttons® gives a yes or no answer within a confidence level.
  5. They don’t adapt. Over the decades business world changes but psychology  based reports remain the same.
  6. Some of the tools are so expensive you can only use them for top executives.Yet Motivation Buttons® is has several tools that can even be used for blue and grey collar.