Motivation Buttons® Training

This is a very popular training program teaching how to win the hearts of people.

It covers the following points:

  • What is Motivation Buttons®?
  • Why it is important to be sensitive to Motivation Buttons®?
  • What are the main Motivation Buttons®?
  • What are the consequences of high and low sensitivity to each Motivation Buttons®?
  • What are the Motivation Buttons® of the participants. What is their SWOT?
  • How do you read the Motivation Buttons® of others?
  • How can you have an impact on people with various Motivation Buttons®?


This course is popular with:

  • Managers who want to improve their skills in motivating their teams
  • Sales people who want to have greater impact on their customers
  • People whose jobs involve influencing others such as project managers, buyers and people at staff role.