Culturalfit MR®

This is the advanced data analytics tool for recruitment. It resembles no other recruitment tool you know.
Most recruitment tools work on a generic psychological theory. Hence it gives the same evaluation no matter what the country is, what the position is, whatever the company culture is.

Most tools don’t even give you advice on whether or not the candidate should or should not be recruited. It will simply give a profile summary and the recruiter has to interpret this.

We can predict within acceptable statistical accuracy if the candidate will perform well in your company. We can even tell If your recruit this person, how long he or she will stay with your company.

A very powerful data analysis tool will process thousands of data about your past recruitment decisions, the performance of your current employees an their demographic data such as gender, age and service years. The tool is then ready to accurately predict if a given candidate will perform well in your company performing a specific job. 
Then on the tool uses the principles of artificial intelligence and will continuously learn taking into consideration the quality of past recruitment decisions.

This is an affordable tool that can be use for blue collar and grey collar positions such as call centre operators, retail store sales assistants and quick service restaurant staff.