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Aligned to your company culture
Specific to the function
Driven by data analytics
Clear recommendation
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What did our clients say?

I really like the fact that the test can be completed under 20 minutes.

A recruitment officer

Motivation Buttons® shows us that our management and their teams have different motivations

COO of a Telecom Operator

We reduced the staff turnover drastically thanks to Motivation Buttons®

Retail Chain Human Resources Manager

The reports on candidates are very clear.This is helpful as we have little time to interpret complicated reports

A Bank Call Center Recruitment Officer

Motivation Buttons® helps us filter the applicants.Hence now we only the interview the candidates that are likely to perform well in our company.

Human resources specialist

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Why are We Motivated?


From Doing a Good Job.

-Creating perfection
-Reaching objectives
-Fulfilling responsibilities
-Having perfect reasoning
-Learning and understanding
-Focusing on what is useful



From Positive Human Relationships

-Making others happy
-Recognition and be recognized
-Feeling the team spirit
-Being in touch with others
-Having fun with others
-Understanding the emotions of others



From Feeling Superior to The Others

-Becoming the thought leader
-Gaining the respect of others
-Being better than others
-Displaying boldness
-Following one’s own vision



Motivation Buttons with Numbers

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